Digital Photography & Photoshop Courses

We teach digital photography.
We teach Adobe Photoshop.
You get creative inspiration.
You get results. Guaranteed.

Understand your camera and some software techniques to free yourself from confusion
and make professional quality images that reproduce beautifully.

We're digital photographers just like you. Today, photography means capturing with your digital camera then creating the "look" with software and computers. From concept to final output we will guide you. We love it. We teach it.

Welcome to Imagetree.

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The power to make images with Photoshop

Our photography seminars and Photoshop workshops cover the core fundamentals through to imaging as a career—if you want to go that far. Along the journey, at whatever level you are now, you learn key principles that will open other doors to your creative image making.

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Photoshop Training will enhance YOUR image.

When you're ready, check out our Photoshop courses here