Foundation for Success

Photoshop ONE

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Foundation for Success builds a solid start to Photoshop mastery.
Go beyond what was captured by your camera and take your images
to a whole new level. Learn great techniques from the very beginning.

Fence via Photoshop

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Get confident with the whole digital process and take pictures rather than trawling through manuals. It's much easier than you think to put the WOW factor into your images.


  • 3 point plan on how to adjust any image
  • Photoshop preferences - set the workspace for best results
  • Workspace for how you choose to work
  • Bridge - the best friend your files can have
  • Layers - amazing and powerful - the heart of Photoshop
  • Histograms - learn how to read them like the pros
  • File types for successful imaging
  • RAW files - what's the big deal?
  • Understand your options
  • Which tools do photographers use?
  • Foreground / background
  • Choosing colours - more than meets the eye
  • Automatic fixes - which one's are worth using
  • Keyboard shortcuts to power your editing
  • Hue, Saturation and Vibrance magic
  • Putting it all together for amazing results
  • …and lots of useful tips and techniques


Photoshop. It's easy to use once you've got the fundamentals under control.


Photoshop 1 "Foundation for Success" and
Photoshop 2 "Advanced Imaging" is a two part series
run over 2 evenings or 1 full day

See what's included in Photoshop 2 here


$395 includes GST
(Total price for Photoshop 1 + 2)


NOTE: The cost covers both training sessions but is purchased as a package. When you buy this unit you have paid for Photoshop 1 and Photoshop 2. Courses are run as 2 evening sessions or 1 full day. See timetable for details.


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