Workflow and Accurate Output

Photoshop FOUR

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Productive workflow. Accurate colour for any output device.
1. Streamline Your Workflow—Get Productive!

How to get more done in less time (or how to get Photoshop on 'auto pilot' while you have a coffee break)

  • Workflow techniques for the real world
  • Batches and batch commands
  • Writing and using actions
  • Setting Photoshop for speed
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Dealing with multiple images
  • Contact sheets and PDF output
  • Processing images automatically
  • Fitting images to a specific size
  • Archiving and databases
  • …and lots of useful tips and techniques


It's great to take your time and devote time to your favourite image from the shoot, but what if you've got 100 or 1000 images to get through? Learn how to get great images faster.

2. Printer Outcomes—What You See Is What You Get!
Get the image you see on screen onto your output device—inkjet printer, your photo lab or monitor. It's easy when you know how.
  • What you see is what you get!
  • Colour management (it's easier than you realise)
  • What part do profiles play, if any?
  • How to navigate Photoshop's print dialog boxes
  • What's a 'rendering intent'?
  • Previewing which colours will print successfully
  • A review of file resolution versus print size
  • Preparing files for delivery
  • Rich black and white images
  • …and lots of useful tips and techniques


So you have your images looking good on screen but every time you print them they look awful? Many people struggle to understand the whole Photoshop 'output chain' and are never sure of the correct steps to take to get predictable output. Here's the solution.


Photoshop 3 "People and Portraits" and
Photoshop 4 "Workflow and Printer Outcomes"
is a two part series run over 2 evenings or 1 full day


$395 includes GST
(Total price for Photoshop 3 + Photoshop 4)

NOTE: The cost covers both training sessions but is purchased as a package. When you buy this unit you have paid for Photoshop 3 and Photoshop 4. Courses are run as 2 evening sessions or 1 full day. See timetable for details.


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