Fill Flash and Outdoor Lighting

Protrack THREE

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Take full control of outdoor lighting


Understanding and controlling your lighting is critical to stylising and commercialising your images, especially with backlighting.
Get the confidence to shoot directly into the sun for unbelievable results. We will even show you how to control glare off water.


Learn how to:

  • See why subject / background
    relationship is critical
  • Use “rule of thumb” with the sun
  • Use sensational backlighting
    and control the effects
  • Shoot into glare off water
  • Use reflectors for fill lighting
  • Meter when using reflectors
  • Use fill flash for fill lighting
  • Meter when using fill flash
  • What a GN is
  • Use a GN for flash
  • Use a GN and a length of string
  • Get exposure right, every time
  • Use different types of reflectors
  • Acquire professional techniques
  • A trick or two that will have most Pro’s guessing

Protrack 3 is an all day workshop. Lunch and refreshments are provided. Theory in the morning, practical with a model in the afternoon.

$350 includes GST

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