Magnificent Light Studio Intro

Protrack FIVE

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Studio Lighting - Magnificent Light

Break the bonds of average, conventional photography and take control of the entire environment, and therefore, the results.

Learn how to plan a photography shoot
Learn how Subject / Background relationship is critical

Learn how to use:

  • Hair lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Rim lighting
  • Shadow control techniques
  • Coloured gels


The art of posing and watch out for the hands
The one rule that never gets broken
How to use shot sheets


$450 includes GST (Total price for Protrack 5 and Protrack 6)

NOTE: The cost covers both training sessions but is purchased as a package. When you buy this unit you have paid for Protrack 5 and Protrack 6. Courses are run as 2 evening sessions or 1 full day. See timetable for details.

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